Getting Started with WordPress

WordPress is the most popular open-source content-management-software available today

More than 25% of websites are built on the WordPress platform.
If you can create and edit a document in word-processing software, you can create posts and page content in wordpress.

New to using WordPress? Looking to sharpen your skills?

Here is a playlist of short videos to get you started using WP.

In this 3 video playlist, you will learn:

Learn how to use the WordPress dashboard and editor screens with James Stafford from Websites Made Easy. Something that I learned from him was screen options. I had not used it before. James does a good job of explaining how to use the word-processing features of the visual editor. I prefer to use the text editor, but recognize that most people are going to like the ease of the visual editor. Keep in mind, the editor will be updated with WordPress 5.0 release.

Next we jump into the WebFox WordPress for Beginners 2015 Tutorial Series to learn how to create a new post and how to set up formatting. I agree with his tip about permalinks. The read More Element is a must -use for posts. It helps clean up your homepage, and gives your readers a reason to view the post page instead of staying on your homepage. I like the way he uses inset block quotes. They look nice. I’ll have to try that. He does a good job of explaining how to use the formatting tools in the visual editor. Each of the formatting elements he uses, the Headings, Bullet Lists, Quotes, Bold text, they all help the search engines understand your content, and should be part of your SEO-Plan. Featured images are important to attracting attention to your posts. They also offer additional content to optimize for search. He talks about including external links – They are also important to your SEO-Plan, be careful to link to trusted sources with good Domain Authority Score. It’s also important to check your Links to make sure the content you are linking to is still active.

When I create new content, I use the save draft button often

Save it and preview it. Check it over before you publish. Make sure you have all the basics covered. No spelling or grammatical errors. It’s a good idea to ask a fresh set of eyes to review your work. You can go back and edit published posts. I recommend updating all your content periodically to help keep it current. That being said, if you are working on a live post or page, each time you click the update button, it pings the search engines and RSS feeds about your new content; which too many tiny changes between each notification can be a hindrance to your Search Engine Page Rank Position. If you are going to do be doing major edits, and will have multiple revisions. I suggest copying your content out of wp, to work with in a text editor and then pasting your updated content back into the post, so you only have to update the post once. You can also set a post to draft, make your edits and saves, and then set the post to published when you are done, the downside being that content disappears temporarily from your site.

Back to the playlist. The third video is the followup to the last webFox tutorial. This one is about managing and editing your posts. In the quick editor, the sticky-post option is a great way to feature an older piece of content at the top of your site. A good thing to know where to turn on and off. He does a good job of explaining the quick-editor and bulk-editing features. Another good tip he offers is that if you are logged into your wordpress site, and are viewing a page or post, you can edit it from the links on the page or the toolbar at the top.

So here it s, 3 videos, 22 minutes and you too will be on your way to becoming a wordpress superstar.

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